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Learn all about PDF sewing patterns from Treasurie

PDF Sewing Patterns - Easy Patterns to Download

PDF sewing patterns are a wonderful guide and wealth of information for the amateur and professional dressmaker and sewer. Learn how to download a pattern, and read the different signs and symbols, and you will be amazed at the treasure trove of information hidden in one of the pattern digital files.

What are PDF Sewing Patterns?

PDF sewing patterns are a digital file containing all the information you need to sew items such as clothing, accessories and toys. It will usually include printable pattern pieces that you can print on your home printer on A4 or letter paper. PDF sewing patterns are the latest and most convenient forms of patterns with great designs and easy-to-follow color diagrams. No more guessing instructions or making mistakes.

What Do PDF Patterns Include?

  • FILE TYPE - A digital sewing pattern is a PDF file which includes easy to follow, step by step instructions and photographs. 
  • PROGRAM NEEDED - The file and instructions are viewed on your computer screen. Your PDF can be read with the free program Adobe Reader. While you can open a PDF in other reader types, Adobe Reader is considered the best for printing the pattern pieces to scale.
  • PATTERN PIECES -It will also include a full-sized pattern for all pieces which will print on your regular home computer on either letter or A4 paper. Your pattern will print in a grid and you simply trim and sticky tape the edges together.
  • MEASUREMENTS - All the measurements and instructions in my patterns are in both metric (cm) and imperial (inches) so you don't need to worry about conversions no matter where you live. 
  • REPRINTING - Digital patterns are great because you can reprint your pattern at any time to make different sizes as you require. This is especially valuable for kids patterns - just print a new size as they grow!

What Else are PDF Sewing Patterns Called?

Other names for PDF sewing patterns include downloadable sewing patterns and digital sewing patterns.


What is in PDF Sewing Patterns

All Treasurie patterns vary slightly but common inclusions are -

  • Sizing charts
  • Fabric requirements
  • Notions requirements (this is any extras eg elastic, bias tape, zippers)
  • Cutting instructions
  • Sewing instructions
  • Pattern pieces

How to Download PDF Sewing Patterns?

At the end of your purchase checkout, you will be given a link to download the PDF file immediately. You will also be emailed a link in case you want to download it later. It is best to download on a desktop or laptop computer and not a mobile device. Most mobiles and iPads are not set up to download and print.

If you don't see the email in your inbox, don't forget to check your spam folder. If you have any problems you can contact me for assistance.

How to Print PDF Sewing Patterns

I have an article with more instructions for printing and putting together your pattern In a nutshell, you will print the pattern pages and stick them together in a grid. The most important thing to remember is to check you are printing to scale. Sometimes the wording of your printer may vary but it will say something like - scale 100%, scale original, scale none.

See the bottom of the page for a video where you can watch the printing process. All patterns print on A4 or letter paper and stick together in a simple grid.


What Happens If I Lose my File or Download Link?

If you ever lose your pattern or download link just email me with your order date and receipt if possible and I will be happy to resend it. 

What are the Terms of Use for the Patterns?

All Patterns are for personal home use and small cottage industry sewers. If you wish to sell finished goods made from my sewing patterns please read the conditions in terms of use

Payment Options

Payments are securely processed with PAYPAL. Don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account it will give you an option to pay with VISA or MASTERCARD. If you don't have a PayPal account don't forget to enter your email address at checkout for the pattern download link to be emailed to you. 

Types of PDF Sewing Patterns at Treasurie

Free PDF sewing patterns - these are simpler items that are fantastic for quick and easy projects and beginners. Free sewing patterns can be found on my blog and pattern site. Free sewing patterns for beginners include burp cloths and bibs for babies, an easy pillowcase dress for little girls, simple skirts, flowers and scrunchies, purses and dolls clothes.

Premium PDF sewing patterns - these sewing patterns are for clothing, dresses, pants, baby patterns and accessories and are more detailed and are multi-sized. These quality patterns will lead you through the sewing process step by step so you end up with a product you will be proud.

PDF Sewing Patterns Help

The pattern is the backbone of the sewing process. Once you have mastered the cutting and
organizing of your pattern, and learned how to work with the symbols and sizes using the pattern, it is a really simple and rewarding process.

If you get stuck, the Treasurie blog now has over 700 articles on how to sew. Here are some articles that might help you get started.


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