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18 inch Fabric Doll Sewing Pattern -MILLY Doll

Posted on 06 August 2016

18 inch fabric doll sewing pattern

Fabric Dolls are Fabulous  - A picture perfect way to create memories and express love through fabric creations.

Fabric dolls have the potential to enrich your life with their creative personalities and hints of nostalgia. Dolls, made of scraps of fabric were found ‘once upon a time’ in granny’s attic.  They are making a come-back.  All you need are some lovely scraps of fabric, some felt or yarn and a few trims.

The Milly doll sewing pattern is the perfect guide to making a precious fabric doll.  This fabric doll pattern comes with a starter simple dress pattern and is easy to follow. What joy and fun there is to be had in creating your own little lady and dressing her up using one of my many 18 inch doll clothing patterns.

You can go down the nostalgic route and use fabric associated with special occasions. Remember when your daughter was a flower girl or had a pretty party dress you made?  Well get out those scraps and create a piece of memorabilia. The pretty little rag doll could decorate your daughter’s room and be the little treasure she loves to put on her pillow. There are so many different themes you can make from one cloth doll pattern.  Try dolls in national costume, dancing dolls or sporty dolls. 

Cloth dolls, in dress-able clothing, will appeal to the up and coming seamstress in your family too. One doll, from the Milly doll sewing pattern, with all sorts of dresses, tops and accessories will keep children amused for hours.

Paper dolls were once the trend but Milly fabric dolls are more hard wearing. One size fits all so these gorgeous fabric dolls can have all sorts of outfits made for them.

They are so transportable. Take your fabric dolls out to friends or on picnics and to parties. Pop your lovely cloth doll and some clothes into a pretty tote bag and carry them off to new and exciting places.  

Fabric dolls inspire the creative spirit.  Before you know it, your precious scraps have been transformed into a rewarding new addition to the family. Milly and friends are just waiting to be discovered by you.


All these dolls were made with the Milly Doll Sewing Pattern

18 inch fabric doll sewing pattern 18 inch doll sewing pattern Milly 18 inch fabric doll sewing pattern 18 inch fabric doll sewing pattern fabric doll sewing pattern Milly fabric doll sewing pattern fabric doll sewing pattern

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