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TUTORIAL - How to print digital sewing patterns

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Posted on March 15 2016

TUTORIAL - How to print digital sewing patterns
how to print digital sewing patterns
Digital PDF sewing patterns are great because
  • They are often cheaper than commercial patterns
  • You can print the pattern as many times as you want in different sizes as your child grows.
  • You get them instantly and there is no waiting to go to the store when you feel like sewing.

Steps to printing and assembling your pattern

1.  Download your pattern. If you would like to try a free pattern download the rabbit skirt from here (click download now - no need to add it to cart.) Try and save it somewhere on your computer where it is easy to find in the future.
2.  Open the file in a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Most computers should have this installed already but if yours doesn’t you can download it for free at This is what your pattern instructions will look like.
how to print downloadable sewing patterns
3. Print your pattern
  •  You don’t need to print the whole file but just the pages with the actual pattern pieces. You will view the instructions on your computer screen.
  • It is really important that you set your scaling to “actual size”. Some readers or printers might word this as “scaling set to none” or “100%” or “turn off scaling”. Even a small percentage of scaling can mean your garment becomes too tight. 
how to print downloadable sewing patterns
4.  After you have printed the pages look for the test square. Get out your ruler and check that it measures correctly. If it doesn't then check your print settings and try again. 

5.  Your pattern will go together in a grid. Check your pattern instructions for the grid layout. For the Rabbit Skirt you will put your pattern together in 3 rows and 3 columns.
6.  Match up the edges of the frames to put your pattern together. You will need to cut along some of the edges of the frames.

7.  Align the edges of the frames sticking the pattern together in the nominated grid layout using either glue or sticky tape.

8.  Keep going for the rest of the grid and you are ready to start sewing!

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  • Katie: June 02, 2014

    Thanks for the tips. I love how easy your patterns are to make. Being able to print PDFs is great too because I can start working on it right away. I made my daughter the Isabella romper to wear at her first birthday party. She looked so adorable in it! You can see it for yourself at

    Thanks again for such adorable easy to follow patterns and tutorials.

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